Ashland route

Our route from Jantzen Beach RV Park (A) in Portland, OR to our home (C) in Fremont, CA. With an stop in Ashland, OR (B) to attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.














leaving Portland

We hit morning commute traffic leaving Portland, on our way to Ashland.










Green mountains

We have not taken Hwy 5 North of Ashland recently ... I had forgotten how beautiful it is.

Pretty good for an interstate.









Ace sleeping

Ace really comfy as we drive south to Ashland.










Holiday RV Park

We pulled into the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, OR. Phoenix is about 10 miles north of Ashland between Hwy 5 and Hwy 99. We have stayed there several times in the past few years.







We were in Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We have been attending the Festival for the past 9 years or so.














Ashland Plaza


Ashland is really a charming town ... here is a photo of the Plaza.









Morning Glory

In addition to the Festival, Ashland has wonderful shops and restaurants.

Morning Glory is my favorite place for breakfast.










Larks is the restaurant associated with the Ashland Springs Hotel. It's know for the use of local, organic products. Yum, yum, yum.











The Festival has three theatres - from left to right - the Angus Bowmer Theatre, the New Theatre and the Elizabethan stage/Allen Pavilion, the ourdoor theatre.

We saw plays this year in the Elizabethan and the Bowmer.


All the Way

At the Bowmer




Animal Crackers


On the Elizabethan stage




Henry V


Green Show

The Green Show is a free, outdoor performance held before the evening show, mid-June through September in the Courtyard.








We left Phoenix/Ashland on Wednesday, August 1 and drove home.


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