Leaving Benbow

We left the Benbow Inn on the morning of Sept. 9. We traveled in groups of 3 or 4 trailers to make it easier for traffic to pass us.























Eel River

Most of the way to Fortuna the Eel River crisscrossed our route.











Our first stop on the way to Fortuna was Scotia, CA, located in the heart of Redwood Country. Scotia was developed in the 1880s as a lumber town by the Pacific Lumber Company.

Scotia parking


We managed to find parking on the streets of Scotia.















Scotia Inn The Scotia Inn








We had planned on having lunch at the Scotia Inn, but the dinning room is closed on Sunday and Monday.


Scotia Inn lobby

Lobby of the Scotia Inn











Scotia Inn room

The staff at the Scotia Inn was very friendly and allowed us to visit some of the guest rooms.

















After leaving Scotia to the Riverwalk RV Park in Forturna, CA.









Riverwalk Slot

Here is our RV slot at Riverwalk in Fortuna.









The Riverwalk RV Park had lots of grass which Ace really enjoyed.



















A flower from the RV park. Does anyone know what it is?
















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