Today's goal - Klamath Falls, OR


We followed Jane and her Bambi out of the park.













2 trailers


A caravan of 3, we were in the caboose position. Only 60 miles to Klamath Falls - a short driving day.











Fort Klamath

Passing by - the Fort Klamath General Store












Upper Klamath Lake

We drove by Upper Llama Lake; unbelievably buggy - they were waves of bugs that we had to drive through.








Poor AceWe arrived in Klamath Falls early and stopped in a Walmart parking lot to kill some time.

As it turned out we were just a mile or so from a military air field. While we were in the store a squadron of Air Force jets flew very, very low over the trailer. Poor Ace got spooked and started running around the trailer in a panic. When we got back it looked like a horror movie with bloody paw prints everywhere. He got one of his nails caught on something, split it. It bled badly.

Happily we found a nearby vet who was able to see him right away. They had to sedate him and remove most of the nail.

Here he is with a bandage on his foreleg (for an IV) and a purple one to protect his paw, poor puppy.



By the time we got Ace taken care of, we could pull into the Klamath Falls KOA.







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