On the morning of Sept. 13 we carpooled to the Oregon Caves National Monument.


Because of my knee problems and Mark's back we did not actually tour the caves but waited for the group in the Chateau at the Oregon Caves.









The Chateau was opened in 1934.

The building spans a small gorge and a great deal of the building's mass is banked into that depression. 

Exterior walls are shiplap siding sheathed with cedar bark, giving the building a shaggy, rustic appearance.















The dining room, coffee shop and kitchen areas are on the third floor--at the same level as the lower trout pool grotto at the immediate head of the gorge.









the lobby of the Chateau











Here am I in lobby waiting for the tour of the cave to return.

















waterfall and pond



The waterfall which feeds into the trout pond.

















Ace and Mark

Here are Mark and Ace walking around the trout pool in front of the cafe.













The Cafe in the Chateau where we had lunch.











The cafe made great milkshakes :-)





















Smokejumper museum After we returned to Cave Junction we visited the Sikkiyou Smokejumber Museum.




Smokejumping is a very effective fire fighting where extremely brave firefighters jumped to fight remote fires when these blazes were small and easy to control.

ParashuteParachutes were hung in the parachute loft to check their condition.





















Gear was hung in a storeroom ready to be used when a call came in.





















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