Sparks Marina RV Park Our first Airstream Rally - Sparkle in Sparks - in Sparks, NV.

Held at the Sparks Marina RV Park, we stopped here a while back on our way home from Flagstaff, AZ.






A sea of aluminum; there were about 20 Airstreams at the rally.







All types and sizes of Airstreams - here are two Bambi trailers.







family coach There was even an Airstream motor home. Airstream manufactured them from the mid 70's till 2006. This one is about 34 feet long.









Here is Rose with a couple of other Airstream travel trailers. I think the 25 and 27 foot trailers were the most common at this rally. Rose is a 27' model but for some reason it measures 28 feet long.






pop out

There was an 34 foot Airstream with a slide-out at the rally. I had never seen one before.









Ace playingAce had a good time; here he is playing with another pup in the dog run.

On the days when we would be gone longer than a couple of hours, he had a great time at a highly rated Doggy Day Care in Reno.







Mustang RanchOne of the excursions available during the rally was a visit to the Mustang Ranch.

There were separate tours for the women and men. The women's was history and health issues. From what Mark told me the men's was a bit more explicit with a subtle sales pitch.


auto tour


Another of the outings was a tour of the National Automobile Museum in Reno.


Here is a 1938 Phantom Corsair, this is the only one built.








There were many beautiful and impressive cars to be seen.








Reno Envy

The women decided to go shopping and skip the Auto Show.

Here we are in Reno ENVY, a store with an Airstream obsession.







stone man


Here are two sculptures outside the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.






Ace and Dixie

Ace and I taking a break in the trailer.
















Free day

Saturday was a free day. Mark went over to the Nugget to play poker and I walked over to Legends, an Outlet Mall.


Mark and Ace met me on the way back to the RV Park.
















An interesting sculpture at the Mall, a large fish made up of smaller fishes.










No photos of our return home - we took 80 back and this is the 3rd time on it in about 2 weeks.