Here is the route we took to Flagstaff ... we continue to avoid the major freeways and take smaller roads.

Route to Flagstaff

Loading Airstream We parked Rosie in front of our house for easier loading for our trip.








Hwy 84

We took Hwy 84 to pick up 580 to go over the Altamont Pass into the Central Valley.








Altamont Pass

We ran into some fog crossing the Altamont Pass.













We connected with Hwy 99 to drive down the valley to Bakersfield.










A Country RV Park

We spent two nights at A Country RV Park, a very pet friendly park.










Ace and GypsyGypsy and Ace

Ace met and played with a very friendly (and tolerant) Golden Lab named Gypsy.



The next morning we contained on our way South. Near Mojave we saw a windmill farm.










desert desert

As we got nearer to Needles the terrine became more desert like.




Ace traveling












We soon pulled into the Desert View RV Resort. Ace was not terribly happy there because all the surface was fine gravel, no grass. And Ace loves his grass!








lawn orniments

We walked Ace around the park and saw these cool lawn ornaments.











nite view

The night view from the RV Park, seen when I was walking Ace.
















mountainsThe next morning we were following Hwy 40 to Flagstaff.














We soon crossed the border into Arizona.














Sphere building

I have no idea what this is; but I had to include it!










Desert Mesas

Desert Mesas











We continued to cross desert valleys and mountain ranges. We were slowly climbing as we got closer to Flagstaff.










J & H RV Park

We pulled into the J & H RV Park in Flagstaff. Note the red ground cover. Red dirt ... Ace loved to roll around in it and by the time we left was a pink Westie!