RosieWe brought Rosie home the day before our scheduled departure. Weird Climate Change Weather - it was raining!!! But, the afternoon cleared up and made loading Rosie easier.





MissionWe took Mission to 680 to avoid commute traffic. I have always loved the profile of Mission Peak ... years ago when I did the graphics for the the FFBC Primavera, I always included it in my design.













OleanderThe Oleander border that separated the lanes of the highway.








Jelly BealyJelly Belly - headquarters in Fairfield, CA. I love Jelly Bellys!!!















Coastal OaksCoastal Oaks and the Golden Hills of California









Grass ValleyGrass Valley - entering the foothills










More unusual weaher. As we began to climb into the mountains ... it began to rain.











Ace was actually awake for part of the trip.


















snow covered peaks

Snow covered peaks and road construction.












Right before Donner Summit we ran into snow flurries and there was still snow on the ground from the previous day/night.








DownGoing down after the summit, no longer snow on the roadside, but beautiful snow covered peaks in the distance.



























RV Park

The Sparks Marina RV Park - our home for the next 5 days.