Meridian to Arco

Our planned route for tomorrow to go from Meridian, Idaho to Arco, Idaho. Again, click on the map and it will take you to a Google Map of the route.


We started out the day of Hwy 84, a big interstate. We then took Hwy 20, which hugs the foothills of the Sawtooth Range.

Hwy 20

Hwy 20 is a very scenic route going in and out of mountain valleys.




Mank on another rock



We stopped at a view pull off for breakfast. Mark found another rock overlooking the road winding up the hill.



Dixie Driving

Mark used a straight road crossing a long valley to give me a change to drive the Roadtrek. I had previouly only driven it around the old PDL parking lot in Fremont. All went well ... the Roadtrek and I did OK.

Sawtooth Range The Sawtooth Range





Craters of the Moon Lava BedsWe stopped at Craters of the Moon Lava Beds National Monument and Preserve. It is a vastĀ ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush.The lava landscape is the result of periodic eruptions along the Great Rift, a chain of cracks and fissures nearly 52 miles (83 km.) long running north to south through the monument. A series of Hawaiian-style eruptions over the past 15,000 years has produced lava tubes, cinder cones, and a variety of lava flows

Devil's Orchard

We stopped and did a short hike around "Devil's Orchard"




Mark was quite taken by a petrified tree covered with lichen.



Lichen Tree

The whole tree






Dixie Devil's Orchard

Finally a photo of me in Devil's Orchard


Lichen Tree