Ashland, OR - August 7 and 8


Our Route from Fremont, CA to Ashland, OR






We left Fremont at 6:30 AM on August 8, 2011.  Our first stop was Granzella's in Williams, CA.   We have stopped here before when we are taking Hwy 5 to Ashland.  It has one of the best veggie omelets I have ever had!  I highly recommend it.


Black Butte

Black Buttes, 2 black cinder cones next to Mt. Shasta. When Mark and I flew up here in the 80's we flew right by them.






When Mark flew for California Air Charter and Bank of America in the 80's he landed at the airstrip in Weed, south of St. Shasta.



Arriving in Ashland, OR






Holiday RV Park

We checked into the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, OR that is about 7 miles north of Ashland. It is a very convenient location, between Hwy 5 and Hwy 99. Our site is right next to a creek and as I type this I head the murmuring of the creek as it flows by.


Last nite we went into Ashland for wine in the Members Lounge and then to see "August in Osage County". It was outstanding, funny and intense at the same time, and won a Tony when it was on Broadway.

Today we are just enjoying warm weather, setting and reading under the RT's canapy. Finally warm!!!