We had a leisurely breakfast in Radium Hot Springs and then began our way to Baniff. We were suprised to find that within 2 miles we entered the Kootenay National Park, one of Canada's Mountain National Parks. This group of parks also includes Baniff and Jasper.

Sinclair Canyon

Sinclair Canyon is at the beginning of the park with high grey cliffs.






Distant Mountains

Soon we could see the Canadian Rockies in the distance.




Hector Gorge


Pure Wilderness - Hector Gorge. Without the road it woud take several days to reach the nearest town.









We soon left British Columbia and entered Alberta.

Black Buttes

Beautiful Black Buttes





Animal Bridge

This is the Canadian version of an animal bridge to allow the native animals to safely cross the highway.



Mark in Baniff

We arrived in Baniff, checked into the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Village, a campground inside the park with full hookups, and went into the city of Baniff to site see.




Bow River Bridge

This is the view from one side of the Bow River Bridge. Awesome!






Next we went for a ride on the Baniff Gondola. Totally worth the cost!







Mark and Dixie

Here is a photo of the two of us on the Ridge Walk to the top of Sulphur Mountain.






The top of the gondola really looks like a spaceship from the distance!










Here is a view of the trail to the top of Sulphur Mountain - you can see the top of the gondola in the distance.

View from the top

Here is a view from near the top of the trail.





Pink Wildflowers




Let me end this page with another picture of a wildflower I saw on the side of the road.

Tomorrow we are planning on visiting Lake Louise.