No more route maps, we are trying to get home as soon as possible; taking major interstates with lots of RV parks close-by with pull-through spots that we don't have to back into. Backing the Airstream into a small slot is something that takes practice and as I said we want to get back to California ASAP. First we are homesick, been on the road too long and second we want to show our new trailer to you'll. So, if you want to know where we are ... look for our location on HWY 10. We plan on taking 10 to California, then 5, and then 101 up the coast.

Mississippi River

We left Gulfport, MS in the morning heading West. We soon crossed into Louisiana. Here we are crossing the Mississippi at Baton Rouge. Really a lot of traffic on the river.



Here is a very large barge on the river.





MirrorMark has done really good driving the Chevy Silverado towing the Airstream. He tells me on the highway going 65 mph he does not even feel it behind us. Of course the truck has a tow package,
**Note from Mark: We bought a truck about twice as large as we needed. I want the option of the Rockies and Alaska. 6.6L Durmax Turbo-Diesel 397 HP 4X4 with a trailer package. The Airstream has electric brakes and the truck has a brake controller, exhaust brake and tow haul mode. I can't back up well yet but plan on practice, practice, practice.

Here is the view out my window looking at the Airstream in the tow mirror.


HWY 10 in Louisiana has miles and miles of raised causeway over the Bayou.





Here is a better view of the Bayou, home of snakes and alligators. Glad to be on the causeway and not in the water!





As I mentioned we are on Hwy 10 and stopping at the rest stops and truck stops that make getting in and out easy. Here we are parked next to a bunch of big rigs.

Mark Airstream

Here is a photo of my two sweeties. Possibly a third coming ... in Punta Gorda we fell in love with Alice and Paul's Westie (small white sweet, sweet dog), Rocco, and when we get home we are going to find one of our own.



The Gulf Coast is very beautiful but scarred with many, many pollution producing refineries.





We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center. As you can see they are very proud of being Texans.




RV Park Lake

We stopped at an RV Park with a lake, very nice. We walked over to the lake to take a look and by the time we got back to our trailer I had too many bug bites to count! Don't like bitie bugs; want to get back to California!!!




Blue flowers

Not many flower on this route, but I have been taking more than I can use ... here is one.






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