mapHere is a map of today's route from Devils Lake, ND to Bemidji, MN. It took us about 6 hours including a stop to do our laundry in Grand Fork, ND.

Rest stop - ND

We stopped for a break at the Larimore Reststop in North Dakota.

It was a really nice rest stop with maps and all kind of helpful stuff.


LaundryOur next stop was a laundromat in Grand Fork, ND. Doing our laundry on the road is one of the things I will not miss when we are home!




Blue Moose Bar and Grill

We had lunch at the Blue Moose Bar and Grill in East Grand Fork. Here I am with the Blue Moose, a very handsome fellow!






Grand Fork is in N. Dakota and East Grand Fork is in Minnesota. The first thing I saw when crossing into Minnesota was Ryan Potatoes. I guess they grow a lot of them here.




Oak Lake Reststop

Another rest stop, this one in Minnesota. Very pretty flowers.





Oak Lake

This rest stop was on Oak Lake. I see why Minnesota is know as the land of 10,000 lakes, everywhere we looked there was another lake.




RV going home

I noticed at lot of traffic going the opposite directions, especially RVs. I guess they are returning home after the holiday weekend.




flowerI have gotten a number of email saying how much everyone is enjoying my flower pictures.

The last couple of entries have not had any flowers because we just have not been at places with many flowers. I keep seeing them along the side of the road, but I can't get good picures because we are going too fast.

When we arrived at the park this afternoon these pretty flowers were growing next to our slot.