mapWe left Boston on the morning of September 23 and promptly began the drive from Hell. We had an appointment in Lakewood, NJ on the 24th to look at Airstream trailers. It poured rain all the way to Freehold, NJ. Plus I thought we were going to go around New York City - but we ended up going though the Bronx and crossing the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. Major weather and major traffic.

We had our look-see of Airstreams and then headed to Ocean City, Maryland. Better weather - but still raining.

Boston house

We were in Boston to visit Mark's Boston cousins. Mark hates to drive the Roadtrek in large cities and swears he would not have ventured into Boston except to see his cousins Jude and David.

This is the house in Roslindale, MA that Jude, and her husband, Ed live in. It was built in 1881. There son Max also lives with them in this beautiful old house.



Another view

Another view of the house.







Lion's headsDetail of the lions heads built into the chimney. They don't build houses like this anymore!

We had a wonderful Lebanese dinner with the whole group including David, his husband Jacques, Max and his girlfriend, Maggie.


RainThe next morning we left for New Jersey to look at Airstream trailers.

Rain driving into New York City - think of 7 hours of this and you get an idea of what the





The eastern version of Fast Track.





Flying CloudWe finally made it to New Jersey - the reason visited there is that they are the largest Airstream dealer in the US and we wanted to look at all of their trailers to determine which would work best for us. We decided on at 25 or 27 foot Flying Cloud.



It has a nice kitchen ...








A separate bedroom, with a folding door separating it from the rest of the trailer.





A dinette that has a couch next to it - to watch the flat screen TV. The dinette converts into a bed.

It also has a stand up shower and a bathroom.



The reason we are looking at trailers is two fold. First, Mark always gets up early and I like to sleep in - a trailer would give him somewhere to drink coffee and relax while I sleep. Second, if we continue RVing we would like a little more space than the Roadtrek provides. *Note from Mark - we plan on a trip to Alaska next Spring and I want to do that trip in the Roadtrek. The Sprinter van that the Roadtrek is built on is a much better choice for Alaska than a trailer, especially if we take multiple ferry trips to and around Alaska.*

cell phonesAfter visiting Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ we hit the road again.

More rain ... I had forgotten how small most of the East Coast states are. In 2 days we were in 6 states - MA, CT, NY, NJ, DL and finally MD! Although I have to admit it was a lot of driving.




*Note from Mark - we got to Newark, Md near Ocean City. I'm tired of driving and told Dixie I wanted a rest so we are staying here for four days. We also bailed out of the Roadtrek and rented a 300 sq. ft. cabin on the lake at a beautiful resort where we had been camping in the Roadtrek.*

Back to Dixie ... the next page will be our adventures in Ocean City, MD.


In closing - some pretty leaves. As we have traveled in the northern part of the North American continent we have been seeing the trees beginning to change colors.

I don't think we will see the full effect because we are traveling South and the trees are still green.

Maybe next year?