Lakeview to Burns

Route from Lakeview, OR (Junipers Reservoir RV Resort) to Burns, OR (Burn's RV Park)

A slight change of plans - when we arrived at the Crystal Crane Hot Springs RV park everything where the RVs were parked was gravel - we decided to find another parkl


High Desert

The terrain from Lakeview to Burns was a continuation of the high desert plateau from yesterday.
Very beautiful but not what I expected from Oregon! Did not do my pretrip homework.


Lake Albert


Lake Albert, a large freshwater lake northeast of Lakeview (not the lake in Lakeview - that's Goose Lake)


Albert RimWe stopped to look at this sign explaining the Geology of the Albert Rim






High desert


More high desert, very serene and beautiful, but what I would expect to see in Southern California.


Burns RV ParkHome Sweet Home for the night. This is an older park with small spaces, fully grown trees and real grass.




ChargingFirst thing I do once were are in for the night - charge my electronics!