We began the day by doing housekeeping stuff; I cleaned the cabin of the van - it's small which makes it easy to clean but it does get dirty - while I was cleaning Mark dumped the black (waste tank) and the grey (sink/shower water).

outside Calgary

We are staying at a RV Park in the suburbs of Calgary - this is what it looks like - flat or rolling hills. Very different from Banff.



Health Bar

This is a really poor photo - glare from the glass gets in the way - but I thought the content makes it worth while.






Ft. Carlgary

I thought that visiting Ft. Calgary would be interesting. It was a bit disappointing - there was a $11 per person charge to view the Ft. Calgary display. We decided to pass and just look at the free stuff! This is the frame of Ft. Calgary with the skyline of Calgary in the distance.



Here is a statue of Col. James F. McLeod, the North West Mounted Police Commissioner of 1875.






Elbow river

Ft. Calgary was built on the side of the Elbow River.





Another view of downtown Calgary.