No map as to how to get to Cape Elizabeth - having too much fun here to tell you how we got here! Spending time with our god daughter (one when we arrived - 2 now - we have decided to be god parents for both of the Hayden girls - they are just too good!) and their parents, Chris and Andy, who are old friends from when we lived in Marin.


Here is one photo of our trip from Dorset, Vermont to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. This is showing the repairs of a road washed out by the floods from Hurricane Irene.


rest stop

This one I have to share - a rest stop in New Hampshire - with a liquor store! Mark told me they have really good prices; we bought 3 bottles of wine and one of whiskey.


the Hayden gir;ls

Now for the good stuff - Andy, Amber and Gemma - the Hayden Girls.







The first thing we did after arriving was to go to walk on a local beach - beautiful and restful after a full day of driving.




Mark and Dixie







Mark and I on the beach.

Ft. Williams lighthouse

The Ft. Williams lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in the US, it was commissioned by George Washington. The day we went was the one day it was open to the public, but they closed it right before we arrived and did not get to walk to the top.



On one of the rocks below the lighthouse.







The flowers of the day.