New Mexico

We left El Paso and soon left Texas behind (finally). We were soon in New Mexico, still desert but at least not Texas.




NM desert

I think the desert is southern New Mexico is a continuation of the desert of western Texas, the Chihuahuan.




Welcome to AZ

We were not in New Mexico long, we just crossed the southern edge going into Arizona.






More desert pretty much like the desert in New Mexico, one picture of desert is enough. We spent the night in Tucson which had some interesting overpass decorations.




It was in Tucson that we saw our first Saguaro cactus. When we left Tucson we saw a lot more.






Murals on the overpass walls in Tucson.




cell tower

As we left Tucson we saw a cell tower disguised as a Palm tree. Not a very good disguise!




Sound wall

A sound wall in Tucson,very decorative.





field of cactus


We soon were seeing fields of Saguaro.




Airstream at rest stop

We stopped at a rest stop in Arizona and parked among the big rigs.



cactus and rocks

More Sonoran desert.






We both were really glad to see the California border.




Colorado River

Our RV Park was on the Colorado River which at this point formed the border between Arizona and California.







The plant for this desert page ... a Saguaro cactus.

California tomorrow!





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