We have decided to change our route and go back into the states for a while and then back into Canada at Sault St. Marie, MI.

Today we went from Moose Jaw to Devils Lake, ND.



Here is the moose at the entrance to Moose Jaw. It was right across the street from our RV park.






I was a a bit suprised at the amount of water we crossed by; always with small water fowl.





Both sides

Here is a view with water on both sides of the road.





Border crossing

In about 2 hours we were crossing back into the US. The crossing into the US was more intense that into Canada. I noticed they were checking the big rigs with a Geiger counter and the inspection agent actually checked the interior of our van. We got through with no problems except they would not allow citrus fruit from Canada into the US.


N dakota

I was suprised that North Dakota near the border has a lot of green rolling hills.






Geo Center

We passed the Georgaphical Center of North America in Rugby, ND.






Holiday Inn

After a little over a month in the Roadtrek we decided to treat ourselvies to a night out!

I'm really looking forward to "spreading out" and a private shower.


Devils Lake

We drove into Devils Lake for dinner and checked out the town. It reminds me of the town in Missouri that my Aunt Dorthy lived in.

This park of the country is very meat-centric - there was absolutely nothing green with our dinner, soup (something with dumplings), steak, baked potato and fried bread (really fried!).


washing RT

On our way back to the hotel we found an car wash and Mark gave the Roadtrek a well deserved bath.

There are really a lot of bugs out there!