We once more made a last minute change to our route, deciding to leave Canada and reenter the US.

We left Stonecliffe, Ontario and spent the first night at Massena, NY on the St. Lawrence Seaway and on the next day drove through upstate New York and Vermont to end the day in Dorset, Vermont.



We drove through an Amish area in upstate New York and I finally managed to get a picture of a horse driven wagon. It's not the best photo but we were in a moving car and I was trying to not be too obvious.





Mountains - NY

The scenery was beautiful, forest covered green hills with mountains in the distance.






waterfallHere is a waterfall that was on the side of the road - unexpected!






Our route took us through Dannemora,the home ofClinton Correctional Facility. I was suprised - the prison is right on the main street. It would be like San Quentin to be located on 4th Street in San Rafael.

By the way the Clinton is the county where the prison is located not our ex-president.



Here is a photo of my driver and cook. He says he works for cheap, but I have to disagree ... he gets me.






ferryWe took the Essex Ferry across the bottom of Lake Champlain to cross from New York to Vermont. It was a wonderful experience.




Mark & Dixie

Here are Mark and me on the Essex Ferry.







Rainy day

We woke up the next morning to rain. Rather than stay in the Roadtrek we decided to adventure out and visit some points of interest in Vermont.





I have been noticing that home construction here is quite different than in California. The houses are square in form with steep roofs. I guess to conserve energy in this cold climate and the roof to help the snow to slide off.




Painted moose

I saw several painted moose on the side of the road. I remember a few years ago in the Bay area there was a competition with pained cows. I guess this is something similar.





tower in distance

On entering Bennington, Vermont we noticed an tower in the distance. We decided to try and find it.






The tower is a monument to the Battle of Bennington during the Revolutionary War.








For $3 each we were able to take an elevator 2/3 up the tower and look at the view.







Here is a diorama of the battle.





Covered Bridge

There was also a Covered Bridge in Bennington, actually there are 3 but after visiting one we decided that was enough (it was raining pretty hard then).





I will close with these lovely pale pink flowers.