We left the suburbs of Calgary mid-morning heading for Drumheller, Alberta which is know for it's badlands and dinasaurs. We stumbled on it - were looking for a park with good rating and found it!

Leaving Calgary

The section of Calgary we were staying in is very rural, but growing fast.





Wheat fields


The land was flat with gentle rolling hills - I saw a sign calling the area "Wheat Land" - you can see why.




It was a relatively short drive (under 2 hours) and we soon found ourselves in the "Badlands".





Entering Drumheller

We were greated by a Dino on entering Drumheller.





Visitors center

This huge Dino was at the Visitor's Center. For $$ you can go to the top, I saw a photo of someone in it's mouth.






A smaller Dino with some big teeth!






Next morning after a leisurely breakfast we headed out to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Canada's Dinosaur Museum.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

The museum





Front of museum

The entrance of the museum was lined with these dinosaurs.






They had a whole exhibit hall full of dinosaur bones laid out in the position they were discovered





In rock






Jeweled Ammonite

Jeweled Ammonite ... beautiful





Dixie leg

Here I am standing next to a middle sized sauropod.







T Rex





T. Rex in stone


Dixie and Dino

Here I am with a dino in the background.







Small arms

I like this one because it shows how small the arms were in comparison to the body size.

If you are in Alberta ... visit this museum!



After our visit to the Royal Tyrrell we drove out into the Badlands.

Badlands closeup

A close-up of the terrain.






Badlands colors

The colors of the stone of the badlands.






We stummbled upon the Bleriot Ferry, which was named for Andre Bleriot who homesteaded in Alberta around 1904. His brother, Louis, was the first man to fly the English Channel.





In action




We took the ferry across the Red Deer River and continued back to Drumheller.


Tomorrow we head for Saskatoon.