We started out with a leisurely breakfast and then decided to change our plans and check out Hungry Horse Dam and then go into Glacier.

2 Roadtrek Agiles

When we pulled into a shop to get some coffee and tea you can imagine our suprise to see another Agile with exactly the same paint scheme as ours!




We met the owners inside the shop (sorry but being mindless, I forgot their names - and don't want to guess and get them wrong).


Hungry Horse DamWe then proceeded to Hungry Horse Dam. When Nikki Grimes heard we were going to Hungry Horse she asked if we were going to see the dam? I said "What dam?". She said the one on Hwy 2. It turns out it's the next right after our RV Park. Thanks Nikki, it was worth the trip.



Dixie Hungry Horse Dam

We walked across the dam and saw this really neat building.

Notice the coordinating socks!




This crane was on the other end of the Dam. It runs on tracks across the Dam.






It was actually made in America from American steel before we started importing all our steel from China.



Black Bear



We then continued for a short walk on the other side of the Dam and saw this sign.

Hungry Horse Reservior


This Hungry Horse Reservior creaated by the Dam.





We then proceeded into the park where we took a hike through a recently burned out forest. It was actually really cool. We learned a lot about the rebirth of the forest following a fire.



Dead Pines

Lodgepole Pines need the heat from a fire to release their seeds.






Baby Pines

This results in a whole lot of baby Pines!

Fire is now recognized as a force of nature taht forest species have evolved with for centuries.





Mark on trail

Here is Mark on the trail, with burned out pines, baby pines and a whole lot of wildflowers.










I will close with this photo a some wildflowers.