After spending the morning doing errands (with such a small RV we have to constantly restock), we finally left for Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hill.

Wright Memorial Bridge

We crossed the Wright Memorial Bridge to reach the Outer Banks of North Carolina.



Kitty HawkI was a bit disappointed upon arrival in Kitty Hawk ... a beach town filled with strip malls and ...






vacation rentals.




But we finally located the Wright Brothers National Memorial




Visitors Center

We drove in and parked at the Visitor's Center



Mark with photoDixie

The first thing we saw was an image of the Wright Brothers.







There were many exhibits; this one is a diorama of the first flight.





There were full sized replicas of the 1902 Wright Glider which the brothers used to work out some of the problems of manned flight.





Wright Flyer

Here is an image of the replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer. It was so large that I could not get the complete flyer in the photo.



image of flyer

Here is an complete image of the flyer which I obtained from the internet.




wind tunnelThe 1902 wind tunnel that the Wright Brothers created to study the effect of wind on the wings.





The Wright Brothers made their living as bicycle mechanics - you can see connections by looking at some of the parts of the Flyer.


Tranquility Base

Some of the fabric and wood from the first Wright Flyer were carried by Apollo XI, a certificate signed by Neil Armstrong is in this case along with the parts.



We then went outside.

There was a boulder marking the launch position of the flyer and farther down the field were boulders making the landing spots of the first 4 flights.







On the boulder making the launching spot.





1st boulder

The first flight - 12 seconds/120 feet






2nd flight

The second flight - 12 seconds/175 feet






3rd flight

The 3rd flight - 15 seconds/200 feet







4th flight

the 4th flight - 59 seconds/852 feet

They were getting the hang of it!






We then walked over to the memorial on the top of Kill Devil Hill where they launched their gliders.


Closeup of memorial

A close up of the memorial.






names on memorial

A close up of the front of the memorial.

**Notes from Mark** This may have been the highlight of the trip for me. I consider everything Dixie and I own, the RV, the house our possessions to be possible because of what these two bicycle builders did in 1903. My entire adult life revolved around flight, airplanes and airlines. It was a true thrill for me to be here.



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