Eastern California desert

We resumed our trip toward home. More desert after leaving the banks of the Colorado River.




Palm Springs

We were soon entering the valley containing Palm Springs and and the Joshua Tree National Park.




Thousand Palms

Palms in Thousand Palms, desert made green by the waters of the Colorado River and Northern California.





Banning Pass_windmills

Entering the Banning Pass, which is lined with windmills to take advantage of the constant wind.





winding road

We left Hwy 10, taking Hwy 60 to Hwy 5 and then to Hwy 126 where our RV park for the night was located.




into LA basin

The rest of this page is dedicated to my poor, hard working husband who drove a 27 foot travel trailer, which we have only owed for less than a week, through the LA Basin on a Friday afternoon.

He described it as requiring the concentration as flying IFR ( on instruments ) in a storm.


roadway deco



Califonia also has roadway decorations.






Skirting LA

Our route took us around the the Eastern side of LA along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.




San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel Mountains in the background.







Mark concentrating on navigating the maze of LA freeways. Notice the Billy Goat beard I'm going to make him either trim it or manage it better. He's a good driver but sometimes I have to keep him in line!



merging into Hwy 5

Here is the view merging into the traffic on Hwy 5.





Hwy 5

Hwy 5 toward 126 where the Valencia Travel Village is located






Mark and Kenny

Mark's brothen, Kenny, who lives in the LA area drove to our RV park for a visit.







Airstream class a

This Airstream class A was parked across from us in the RV Park.




blue flowers

Some pretty blue flowers to close this page.







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