Lakeview, OR - August 9

Route from Ashland, OR to Lakeview, OR
Ashland to Lakeview



LeavingAshlandWe left Ashland around 8AM, stopping at Market of Choice, Ashland's Whole Foods, to pick up some meat for grilling at our next two stops. We headed out on Hwy 66 to go from Ashland to Klamath Falls, OR.


Hwy160In Klamath Falls we go onto Hwy 140 to go to Junipers Reservoir RV Resort about 10 miles west of Lakeview, OR. This whole area is a high desert plateau.

our rig

Our site at Junipers Reservoir RV Resort. Mark is looking through binoculars at an aircraft (the pilot never goes away).




Junipers Reservior

Junipers Reservoir which the park is named after.





The park is located inside an 8,000 acre cattle & timber ranch.




The last photo of this page, a very good looking Airstream Bambi a couple of slots from us.





After we got settled in, Mark and I went for a hike up in the hills above the park. This really is a nice place - no road noise and just beautiful.