Route to MeridianHere is the route from Burns, OR to Meridian, Idaho.

Click on the map and it will take you to Google Maps. I can't get the link colors to show up around the map!!!

We began the day in Oregon and ended it in Meridian, Idaho. We went from high desert plateau to mountainous high desert and then back to high desert plateau. It was an interesting day!

Distant Hills

We dropped down into a basin with the hills/mountains in the distance.




Hills and road




The hills were pretty impressive - they kinda reminded me of the bay area.



A fair part of the route was in a winding valley next to the Malheur Creek River.


More river and hills

More river and hills







At least a quarter to one third of the other vehicles we have seen on the road are other RVs - Hwy 20 is a beautiful alternative to the big interstates and it's clear that we are not the only ones to feel this way.



This is an agricultural area, mostly wheat farming and cattle ranching. Although we we got into Idaho, we saw more corn being grown.


No picture of the Roadtrek today ... it looks pretty much the same in every park!

Washing Roadtrek

I lied! This park has a couple who will wash your RV for a reasonable price and we couldn't pass it up. Baby really looks good - about 5 minutes on the road will take care of that!