We had spent several days in Virginia Beach to get the Sprinter Van's problems resolved and on the morning of Oct. 1 we left, heading north west toward Waynesboro, VA.
Mark and Dan

We stopped in Richmond, VA to visit Mark's friend Dan - we had a very nice visit and Dan treated us to lunch at Jimmy Johns, a sandwich shop.

Dan suggested we stop at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's iconic home.

Mark and I did not realize it was in the area. We both thought it would have been closer to Washington, D.C.


MonticelloIt is actually located on a mountaintop near Charlottesville, Virginia.

The house was built by Jefferson over a 40 year period of design, construction, and remodeling to create his "essay in architecture".


East frontA photo from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's web site, a non-profit corporation who manage Monticello, of the east entrance..

Taking photos of the interior rooms was prohibited. But, the web site has some excellent images.

mountain top viewA view from the grounds surrounding Monticello.

Monticello was a 5,000 acre plantation, operated by a combination of free white workers and slaves. More info can be found on the Monticello web site


nickle view

The classic view of Monticello, it is on the back side of the nickel.





Long Terraces extend from two sides of the main building. Jefferson, who designed the house, had working areas concealed under them.



On the epitaph he wrote on his tombstone: "Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and the Father of the University of Virginia".


After Monticello, we visited Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville is the home of the University of Virginia designed and founded in his retirement.



Lewis and Clark

A statue of Lewis and Clark, who Jefferson commissioned to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase.





rear of statue

The rear of the statue, note the figure of Sacagawea on the side, back of the statue.






Pit Stopinside

We stopped for lunch at Jinx Pit Stop Barbeque ...a very interesting place.





What is

What is BBQ? From the walls of the Pit Stop.

The answer to the question you must be asking ... yes the Barbeque was good, excellent even.





to Waynesboro

After lunch we left Charlottesville and continued onto Waynesboro. Over the drive from Virginia Beach to Waynesboro we had gradually climbed into the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range.





An autumn tree in the main room of the RV park in Waynesboro.







The Roadtrek with its antenna up - no cable TV.

We are in the middle of a cold front, with really cold rain, and have decided to stay here for a day or so until the weather passes before beginning the Blue Ridge Parkway.




**Note from Mark** We've been on the road since August 7th, almost two months at this point. I think it's taken us this long to realize we don't have to be anyplace at any given time and the trip is the thing, not the destination. We have totally avoided the interstates, chain restaurants, shopping malls and big cities. I suspect we still have six to eight weeks to go and it's just starting to get good!

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