This is the route we took today to get from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We had planned on heading for Regina but Moose Jaw just seemed more interesting so we went there instead.

Again, click on the map and it will open Google Maps.






A view out the front window as we leave the park in Saskatoon in a newly repaired van.




Rolling hills

We were rapidly back into rolling prairie.





Grain Elevator

This is an strongly agricultural area. I think this is a grain elevator ( I know flow cytometry, not agricultural stuff). The railroad is big here - many of the grain storage structures are located on rail lines such that they can load the grain into rail cars.



I was suprised when we came upon this lake surrounded by hills. But, soon we were back to the Prairie again!




Red Barn

A red barn at the side of the road.





Moose Jaw

Arriving in Moose Jaw





TunnelsWe saw the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, but they did not allow photography. The tunnels were used as a work place and housing for Chinese immigrants in the late 1800's and early 1900's.


They told us that Al Capone used the tunnels beneath Moose Jaw during Prohibition to distribute booze. There was 1920's theme to the downtown area.





mural 1mural 2








There are two murals on the side of building in downtown Moose Jaw.