More Rain

It was still raining when we approached Newark, Maryland where the Island Resort Campground is located. But not as much as before.





Island Campground

The entry to the Campground.





First nite

All settled in and having some well deserved relaxation.





The RV sites are positioned around a man made lake. Very nice.




RVs across lake

There were several RVs parked across the lake from us.




no RVs

On Sunday morning I finally realized that I was retired! There was a mass exodus of RVs going home so their owners would be back home on Monday to go back to work.



Our Cabin The RV park rents small cabins. As a treat we decide to rent one for 3 days for a little well deserved relaxation.

Here is our cabin with the Roadtrek parked beside it.


Another view of the cabin, showing the deck.





Modern homeAll of the home near the RV park are modern.





We drove to a small nearby town, Berlin. Here I found the regional homes I was looking for.




Screened porch

I have noticed that a lot of the houses have screened porches. This area has many bittie bugs and these screens keep them out!




Berlin has a very nice downtown.






We noticed this storefront with antique toys and just had to go in.





This is just a small example of the contents.





The owner offered to take this picture of us in the shop.






view from deck

No flowers today, but the view from our deck as the sun sets.