Newark, Maryland is about 20 minutes from Ocean City. Ocean City is a big ocean side resort in Maryland. Think Santa Cruz on steroids.

We went on Monday, following Sun Fest. I think Sun Fest is the last big event of the year there and most of the vendors close up for the winter afterwards.


Boardwalk - ocean

The Boardwalk is beside the Alantic Ocean (where else would it be???), with a nice beach. It was a foggy, cloudy day so there were not too many sun bathers. There were a few - don't know why; it was pretty certain the fog was there to stay.




dressing booths

There were these blue booths along the edge of the beach ... changing rooms?






Although some of the vendors had already shut down for the season, there were plenty still open, just waiting to sell you fatty, salty, sugary stuff.



Ferris wheel

There were also several amusement parks along the boardwalk, but they had all closed for the season, much to Mark's disappointment.




Here I am next to one of the clothing vendors. Everything seemed to be $7.99 or less or 70% off. I don't know if $7.99 was the regular price or if they were trying to get rid of merchandise.




In the center of the boardwalk was a Ripleys Believe It Or Not with a giant shart cutting through the building. Well worth a picture.



Salt Water Taffy

We did over indulge - got some Salt Water Taffy at this shop, a couple Polish ices, iced custards and a small french fries, at a stop that was all they sold. The large french fries were the size of a large container of pop corn at a theater! But, we did walk almost 3 hours up and down the boardwalk!


Had to include this - it was closed so we could not check out their artwork. Probably a blessing considering the exterior.




Vacation Rental

There were hotels and B&Bs lining the boardwalk. We drove around the town on the way out we saw many vacation rentals on the side strees near the beach. There were also several more amusement parks.



2 Roadtreks

We stopped at a local foodstore to pick up some items and when we came out there was a second Roadtrek Agile parked next to us.


2 agiles

Can you pick out ours? We waited around for a few minutes to see if they would be coming out, but finally gave up and left without meeing them, bummer.



*Note from Mark: Our RV has Mercedes badging since it was sold in 2010, prior to that they either had Dodge or Freightliner, the one next to ours was a Freightliner. They are all exactly the same except for the badging. I've been getting some questions about the vehicle. It's a 2010 Roadtrek Agile built on the chassis of a 2008 Sprinter Van built in Germany by Mercedes and imported into this country. The engine is a 3.0 liter six cylinder turbo diesel getting about 22mpg on the highway and 18-20 in the city. We've driven about 7,000 miles since living home, added no oil and as near as I can tell needed no maintenance. It's a wonderful machine, drives like a large SUV and is a joy to live in.*

Geese flying

No flowers today either, but a nice photo of some geese flying. The RV park is on their fly way and is full of them. Maybe the ones in a Pacific Shores and Lake Elizabeth summer here?

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