Hwy 126

We continued westward on Hwy 126 toward Ventura. Hwy 126 is lined with citrus orchards.







We merged with Hwy 101 in Ventura with a nice ocean view.



hwy 101

Homeward bound!





Hwy 154

We had entered our designation in our GPS and were surprised that in Santa Barbara it told us to take Hwy 154. Both our GPS's agreed so we decided to follow their directions. Yes, we have 2 GPS, one came with the truck and we had purchased the other in Canada since we did not like the one in the Roadtrek.

154 lake

Hwy 154 is a windy mountain road that goes between Santa Barbara and north of Solvang. Here is a view of Lake Cachuma.





We were soon back on 101, which is lined with vineyards and ...






cattle ranches.







I love the Coastal Oaks.







This is the first stop since we left Mississippi that we have stayed in one spot more than one night. Here is Mark taking a well deserved rest!





No flowers today, just more Oaks.







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