Dixie Amber


Amber, my 1st god daughter, and myself in Portland, Maine. Notice the cobblestones in the background.





Amber and Andy

Here are Andy, Amber's Mum, and Amber also in Old Portland.







CobblesA close-up of the cobblestones. I thought there were round or oval, not rectangular rocks.




At boot

We went to the LL Bean headquarters - here are Andy, Gemma, Mark and Amber in front of a giant hiking boot.







After a bit of shopping we drove to the local airport to pick up Chris. Chris is a Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol and had spent the weekend doing CAP stuff.






Maine House

Here is the Hayden home. Note all the large windows to make it light inside. Chris has totally remodeled it since they purchased it 8 years ago.



house + van

Our van parked at the side of the house.




The flagpole in front of the house - note the pink flamingos, Andy's favorite.







A close up of the flamingos.





the Haydens

The Haydens