Alice's Garden

We visited Punta Gorda because Mark's cousin Alice and her husband, Paul, live there.

I can't show you a picture of their house because it is surrounded by a jungle of plants.

This is the garden that Paul created for Alice.


Inside Alice's garden

Here is what it looks like inside the garden.






White and red house

Alice and Paul live in the historic district of Punta Gorda. Since I can't show you their house - here is one with less foliage.The historic district is filled with these lovely houses.



larger house

A larger multiunit house near the waterfront.




Punta Gorda is on the shore of Charlotte Harbor.




Paul and Mark at beach

Since Alice was working and Paul is retired, Paul entertained us.

He took us to Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island. Here is Paul and Mark on one of the many beaches.




Banyan Street
Banyan Street - a street lined with Banyan trees.




We went to lunch at the Temptation. There was a huge Tarpon on the wall. It is rumored that Ernest Hemingway ate and drank here often.





Mark and Dixie at lunch

Here is a photo of Mark and me that Paul snapped at the restaurant.



Mark and Paul

Mark and Paul waiting for lunch to be served.





Paul then took us to a second beach with a small lighthouse.




At the lighthouse

Me and Mark in front of the lighthouse.







Shells and shark teeth that I collected at the beach.







The next day Paul took us Jack's, a restaurant, in Punta Gorda.





That afternoon Alice came home from her last day at her old job. Her colleagues gave her a goodbye party with flowers and wine. In two weeks she will begin a new job.






The flower shot is actually some leaves from Alice's garden.

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