We began the day by driving from Hungry Horse to the West Entrance to Glacier where we stopped at the Visitor's Center and got directions to the Road to the Sun.

Tea/Coffee stop


Our first stop was at a roadside picnic area to turn the generator on to make hot water for tea and coffee. The picnic/camping area bordered on a nice lake.




Dixie - teaHere is a photo of me at the lake with my tea cup (Jasmin Green Tea from Trader Jo's)






Mark Roadtrek View

We next pulled over to let some of the traffic pass. Here is a picture of Mark and the Roadtrek with a mountain in the distance.





ClimbingAfter driving the entire length of Lake McDonald we began the climbing part of the route. Here is a view of a stream and mountains in the distance.







The views were fantastic, totally awe inspiring.






Here is Mark looking up at the peaks overhead with a range of mountains in the background.






Road to the Sun






The Road to the Sun was constructed in 1932 and has been under constant repair every since.

Mark and Dixie

There are many scenic pullouts along the route to stop and enjoy the view.






Road to the Sun

There are limitations of the size of vehicles which can drive the Road to the Sun (those over 21 feet long, over 11 feet tall and over 8 feet wide are prohibited). The park has a shuttle fleet for those who want to see the Road to the Sun, but whose vehicles are too big.





There are many, many streams, from melting snow going down the mountain.






Roadside waterfall

This lovely waterfall was by the side of the road.







The parking lot at the Logan Pass Visitor Center was packed, so we bypassed it and continued down the road.





Jackson Glacier

One of the roadside stops was to view Jackson Glacier. In 1850 there were 125 glaciers in the park, now there are only 25. With changes to temperature and the water cycle Glacier Park will be glacier free by 2030.



Glacier National Park

The view looking back at the park at the Saint Mary Visitor Center where we exited the park.



We plan to take it easy tomorrow, it took about 6 hours of strenous driving to do the Road to the Sun and then circle the souther end of the park to return to Hungry Horse.