Our next stop on our route home was San Antonio, TX.


Mark woke we up to Summertime played over our sound system. I felt like I should be on the space shuttle.

Here is the morning view in the main cabin.





Houston Skyline

Our route to San Antonio passed through Houston where we met Heimir Eidskrem, another of Mark's watch forum buddies.

Here is the Houston skyline.



Heimir road his Harley to a truck stop on our route to meet us.






Mark & Heimir

Of course Heimir had to see the Airstream, here are Mark and Heimir having coffee at the dinette.




Three of us

Here are the three of us. Mark set up the camera for an auto shot.



The view out of the back window of the truck as we continued down the road to San Antonio.




The view from my lower towing mirror as we pass the pylons my the side of the road.




Rolling hills

As we approached San Antonio the terrine and flora began to change from lush semi tropical near the Louisiana border to gently rolling hills.



River Walk

After checking into the RV Park we unhitched the trailer and drove into central San Antonio and the River Walk area. River Walk is actually lower than the surround city streets and by the banks of the San Antonio River.





Joe's Crabshack

On the recommendation of one of Mark's friends we had dinner at Joe's Crabshack.





Here is our dinner - crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn. I'm really glad we followed his advice.



river Walk
No flowers today, just another view of the River Walk.





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