Our route from Drumheller to Saskatoon. Click on map for a google map of our route.


Alberta-flatWe left Drumheller and were rapidly back to the flat to gently rolling hills we had traveled through before reaching the Badlands of Alberta.







We pulled into the small town of Hanna around breakfast time and decided to see if we could find a place to eat.

Lazy JWe found the Lazy "J" Cafe and decided to try it out. It was an interesting experience ... I think the same regulars had been coming in at the same time for the last 40 years. They all seemed to know each other and were facinated by the couple from California.

It reminded me of a stop Mark and I made in LeRoy, Kansas when flying back from St. Louis.


It was pretty flat, but there were ponds by the side of the road with a lot of small water fowl.



Saskatchewan flat

We soon left Alberta and entered Saskatchewan.