We spent most of the day sight seeing after dropping the Roadtrek off at a repair facility to have the connection to the grey tank repaired.


The first place we visited was the Broadway district, in my guidebook it was said to be a eclectic shopping area.

One of the shops we visited was an artist's coop. I saw this necklace and asked to see it closer. Mark saw it and asked me to try it on; he told the shop person to take the tag off because he was buying it for me! Such good taste.




The same guidebook said not to miss the Delta Bessborough, an hotel build in the 1930's to support railroad travel. We had a very tasty lunch at their Cafe.

The hotel was a bit odd; as you can see, a very interesting exterior, but the interior was modern. I would have preferred the interior to match the exterior.




Mark and Dixie

It's cool and raining here - we are spending the evening here in the van.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving in a repaired van and heading for Regina, the capital of the providence.