Paul and Alice have three dogs, 2 Airedales and a West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie.

Here is Emma, the smaller of the two Airedales. She is really a sweet dog. Although when we were out, she got in our bedroom and when we came home she was on the bed with a pair of Mark's socks in her mouth.




Rocco, the Westie. For some reason Paul and Alice would not let us take him home with us. He's the perfect size for an small RV!






Lastly meet Charlie, here he is having a stare off with Rocco. I think Rocco's winning.

Charlie was shown when he was younger and as you can tell is a champion. The wall of the house is covered in blue ribbons!


The Captain

To celebrate our visit, Alice and Paul had an Old Florida Seafood Feast.

We went to a local fisherman to purchase some jumbo head on Shrimp and scallops.




Out of the oven

Paul made Pretzel Rolls for the party.






Pretzel rolls

Yum, yum, yum






George and Eva enjoyed the Pretzel Rolls.





2 cooks


Alice prepared Head on Shrimp, scallops and cheesy grits.




Mark and Alice

Mark and his cousin Alice, note the pot full of shrimps with their heads.





Paul did the man thing - steak skewers cooked on a gas grill. Here he is taking them off of the skewer.







The feast!








The flower of the day.

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