We left Maryland and went South.

To get to Virginia we had to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel - it is the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world.

Measuring 17.6 miles, it consists of more than 12 miles of trestled roadway, two mile long tunnels, two bridges. Plus the approach roads, it totals 23 miles.

I noticed that there were one or two gulls on each of the lamp posts!





One of the tunnels.





DixieLandCivil War

It was clear when we entered Virginia that we were in "The South"


Cotton fields

We even drove by some cotton fields!





We spent the night in Shawboro, North Carolina. We planned on going to Kitty Hawk the next day. But, right before getting to Shawboro, a check engine light came on and we had to change our plans. We spent the night in Shawboro, experienced a really scary thunderstorm, and dealt with the engine problem the next day.

The nearest Mercedes dealter was in Hampton, Virginia, so the next day we went there instead of Kitty Hawk.



The Roadtrek in the Service Department.





Video Display

Outside the Customer's Lounge was a large video display showing all the service bays, so you could watch your vehicle being worked on.



in service bah

The Roadtrek being worked on.




Not a wild flower; but a rose that was growing at the Virginia Visitor's Center.

Next ... Kitty Hawk!




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