mapAfter 3 nights in Sault Ste. Marie we are refreshed and ready to continue on our great adventure!


The countryside we traveled through on our way to Sturgeon Falls on Nipissing Lake was gently rolling tree and grass covered hills.





All the national roadside signs are bilingual, in both English and French.







red barnAnother is my series of pictures of red barns. This is just something about a red barn that appeals to me!




white house

Soon after passing the red barn there was this attractive white house with a red roof. I just could not pass sharing it.




Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls where we stopped for the night. A small town on Lake Nipssing.







lake site

We got a site on the lakeshore!







Wine and chairs

As soon as we setup the RT for the nite, Mark got out our lawnchairs and a bottle of wine.





Dixie wine

Here I am looking very relaxed.







There was this small island in the lake - all most looks like Palm trees.








The view the following morning after the wind calmed down. The wind was blowing soo strong the previous evening that we ate in the van.





As we drove east the landscape became more mountainous. Reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the states.





We stopped for lunch in Mattawa in the Blue Moon Cafe. Here is the Roadtrek parked outside.






On the wall in the Ladies Room - just had to share!






Sun Moon


Continuing the Sun/Moon theme.





wood carvingmuseum







The town was full of these wood carvings.

river shoreThe park in Stonecliffe is on the Ottawa River with a nice shoreline park.




float plane




The owner has a float plane tethered on a dock on the lakeshore.

Yellow flower

Ending with today's wildflower. This one is from the lakefront in Sturgeon Falls.