Banff to Calgary

Our route from Banff to Calgary. Click on the map to see the Google map.


Leaving Banff

We left Banff after a breakfast of Museli for me and an Omelet for Mark.

We took Canadian Hwy 1 with a beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies in the distance.



Hwy 1a

Soon we turned onto Hwy 1a - the Bow River Parkway. The same road we were on yesterday, but with a lot less traffic.

One of our goals of this trip is to see the real country and not just the interstates!


Camping Sign

We saw this sign on the side of the road and decided to check out the campsite.




Buffalo dotsWe found ourselfs on a ridge overlooking a valley with a herd of buffalo. They are buffalo - we went down the hill and got a better view.







The closest we got. They were in a closed field and we took the photos at the gate.






We continued down the road and came to a river with a group of rafters.





Raft up hill




They were at the end of their adventure and pulled the rafts up the hill to the vans waiting for them.



A beautiful view of the river downstream of the rafting.







Driving out


the beautiful view driving back to Hwy 1a.




Queen Annes Lace



I have been admiring these flowers from the van as we drove by (Mark would not stop to let me take a picture) and I finally got to get a photo when I was taking the buffalo pictures.