This was to be a housekeeping day - doing laundy, etc. But, after finishing the laundry we decided to head out to Ft. Steele, British Columbia.


Here is a map of our proposed route. Click on the map for a Google Map.








Our first stop was Whitefish, MT. As you can see from the photo it's a winter sports city in addition to being close to Glacier. We had an excellent lunch here before heading for Canada.




Border crossing

We crossed the border into Canada. This was my first crossing not by air. Mark has been in Canada multiple times - the most noteable in the 70's before meeing me, when he hitchhiked back from Alaska via the Alcan Highway.


Canadian Rockies

Very soon we began seeing the Canadian Rockies in the distance.







We are spending the night in Ft. Steele and went over to hisorical Ft. Steele and took a ride on an train!


Dixie Train

A photo of me, enjoying the train ride,







blowing steam\At the intermediate stop they blew steam to clean mineral deposits out of the boiler.






Good WiFi is getting difficult to find; updates may be farther between; be assured they will keep coming. We found this morning that Starbucks in Canada has good WiFi - we uploaded this page while enjoying a cup of tea (Dixie) and a cup of coffee (Mark).

Leaving Ft. Steele

We left Ft. Steele, heading toward Radium Hot Springs - a stop before Banff. Heading toward the beautiful mountains!




Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view - at a rest stop on Canadian Hwy 93.





Lake Columbia

Columbia Lake - the headwater of the Columbia River.






Rocky Mountains

Another shot of the Canadian Rockies.








A spectacular  rock formation.




Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs. about an hour and a half from Banff, where we will spend the night.








Our Roadtrek tucked in again the mountains.