We left the Peaks of Otter campground on the morning of Oct. 5th after having breakfast in the Peaks of Otter Lodge. We began by stopping in Roanoke, VA to upload the previous web page and decided to go to Charlotte to visit our friend Julia.

Julia taught me to fly our Cessna 120 tail dragger in the early 80's. She is currently an Air Traffic Contoller Instructor in Charlotte Airport Control Tower.




Distant peaks

A view of some distant mountains from an overlook of the Parkway.





James River

The James River in the distance. Note the fog hanging to the valley floor.





Pine Tree Overlook





going down

Having left the Blue Ridge Parkway and heading down to Roanoke to find an Starbucks to use their WiFi.





Dixie - BBQ

We had a great visit with Julia and had dinner at a locat BBQ place - our waitress was wearing a version of this T-shirt and I just had to have one!

Oh, the BBQ was great - especially Mark's baby back ribs.



Chruch 1Church 3




Church4Church 2

One thing I have noticed in our travels through the South is that there is really a lot of Churches.


Brick house

Brick is used a lot in building houses here.




Piggly Wiggly

An icon of my youth - Piggly Wiggly - a Southern grocery chain.






wihite daisys
To close - some white daisy type flowers I saw on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tomorrow we visit historic Charleston, SC.




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