This is our route from Savannah, GA to Punta Gorda, FL with an overnight stop in Ocala, FL.

The reason we are visiting Punta Gorda besides the fact that Punta Gorda is a beautiful little town on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is that Mark has a cousin, Alice, and her husband, Paul, who live in Punta Gorda.




Skidaway Island Park

When we were visiting Savannah we stayed in a state park on Skidaway Island. It is a really beautiful park with trees draped with spanish moss.





Our little Roadtrek in Skidaway Island Park. The only down side of our visit is that it rained the whole time. Except for maybe a couple of hours we spent the entire time in the van!





Rainy Morning

We left on the morning of Oct. 11, 2011 with more rain.






We had breakfast at the Waffle House, a chain that seems to be everywhere in the South. Mark decided we should eat here to celebrate the good old days when he was based at DFW and there seemed to be a Waffle House across the street from each of his layover hotels.

I had a pecan waffle, it was good with a lot of pecans but the batter was a little sweeter than I like.



We drove through Georgia and crossed the border into Florida after a few hours.





spit it road

Northern Florida was very much like Southern Georgia, rolling hills covered in green trees draped in Spanish Moss.




More Spanish Moss

More Spanish Moss.





Central Flordia

Florida is filled with Retirement and snow bird communities (northerners who come south for the winter to escape the snow).






The rural sections of Florida have many trailer parks filled with seniors. If you can't afford a house or condo you can always get a trailer and escape the snow.



Punta Gorda

We soon arrived in Punta Gorda and found Alice and Paul's house.





We pulled into their driveway and plugged the van into their house. This way we can run our refrigerator while we move into their guest bedroom for a few nights.

Note the red dot on the Continental Tire Kit.

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Pretty flowers to close. Soon to come - Punta Gorda!





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