Outside San Antonio

Leaving San Antonio the we encountered rolling hills.




getting dryer

As we continued in a westward direction, it began to get drier. The predominant tree was Texas Live Oak.



Blue Mesa

We were soon in the west Texas desert.

For some reason I expected West Texas to be flat. It was flat a lot of the time, but there are mountains in the distance and a lot of mesas.




There were almost always stark mountains in the distance.





If you look closely to the top of the mesa you will see a row of windmills. Texas is doing some energy creation that does not involve oil! But, we saw tons of oil rigs and refineries as we crossed the state.




More desert mesa, these covered with desert vegetation.






We spent the night at Comanche Land RV Park in Ft. Stockton, TX. It had these large arrows scattered around the campground.




Desert Plants

The next day we encountered a more arid portion of the state. The Chihuahuan Desert which that straddles the US - Mexican border.

Although Ft. Stockton was pretty dry (and windy).


More west texas desert

More west Texas desert.






We stopped at one truck stop that had this painted on one wall.




Big Rig

This rig was parked in the lot - getting in the Halloween spirit!






Weird tree

This type of tree became more common as we went farther west.




Chile Store

We saw this Chile Store and stopped to check it out. We bought a bottle of "West Texas Brisket Rum" there. Used it tonight on some turkey burgers ... yum.


Approaching El Paso

Here is the view as we approached El Paso.





Desert shrubs

No flowers today; just some colorful desert shrubs.






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