Dixie stream

We began the day by stopping at a picnic area by the side of the road on the way to the Old Faithful area. Here I am standing next the the stream running thru the picnic area.






Mark streamHere is Mark next to the same stream.







Bear Warning

This sign was on all of the picnic tables!



When we arrived at the Old Faithful area, the geyser must have just erupted because there was no one around the viewing area and the geyser was just blowing small amounts of steam.

We found a seat on one of the viewing benches and sat down to wait. We waited for about 45 minutes till the next eruption. Old Faithful erupts about every 93 minutes.

Old Faithful\

Finally Old Faithful erupted; it was worth the wait!







Biscuit Basin Pool

Next we went to Biscuit Basin, which is 3 miles north of Old Faithful. It was named for the unusual biscuit-like deposits that used to surround Sapphire Pool. But they were destroyed in teh 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake.


sapphire Pool

Sapphire Pool





Mark at Biscuit BasinMark at Biscuit Basin








Hiking Trail

There was a hiking trail at the end of Biscuit Basin that we hiked for a while. It climbed above the Basin with a great view!






View from hikeThe view from the hike; the white is Biscuit basin.







Steaming poolThere is so much hydrothermal activity in the Yellowstone Area that even some of the streams give off steam!

Yellowstone has the largest collection of hydrothermal features on the planet.