Roosevelt Gate

The Roosevelt Gate is at the North Entrance to Yellowstone.







grazing animal


We saw this herd of Mule Deer on our way into the park. We had seen them all over Gardiner for the past few days.





Mark at Roadside waterfallYellowstone has great roadside stops, we saw a bunch of cars parked at a pull out by the side of the road and discoved an lovely waterfall. You can see it to the right behind Mark.






Tower Falls


We next stopped at Tower Falls. The path to the bottom of the falls was closed due to the lower part being washed out.





Lower Tower Falls






But we hiked down near the bottom and saw a beautiful view of the river post waterfall.

Mark&Dixie Tower Falls

A couple from Wisconsin asked us to take a photo of them together; they had a film camera ... I have not seen one of them for years. We asked them to return the favor and take a picture of the two of us together.






Stop with viewWe next stopped at a stop with a loverly view on one side and hills totally covered with flower on the other.




Yellow Flower




One thing I was not expecting was the wild flowers - they were everywhere!



Here are Mark and the Roadtrek againt a backdrop of yellow flowers.






Artist PointWe then went directly to Artist Point on the South Rim of the "Grand Canyon" of Yellowstone.

Artist Point is one of the most photographed spots in the park because of the multicolored wall, the green forests and the Yellowstone River at the bottom.

The canyon started forming 484,000 years ago. It is 20 miles long and more than 1,000 feet deep and it's primary rock type is rhyolite and hydrothermally altered rhyolite which gives the multi-hued appearance.


Lower Falls

The Lower Falls seen from Artist Point.






South Rim Trail


We hiked part of the South Rim Trail, until the steep trail caused my poor knees to say no more. But we did enjoy some spectacular views.





Lower Falls - South Rim Trail

The Lower Falls seen from the South Rim Trail showing more of the Yellowstone River.







Wild flowers

I would like to end this page with another picture of wildflowers.